The Hinton Group

The Hinton Group is proud to donate a signiciant amount of its revenue each year to various Charities around the world.

Our staff all contribute to the ideas of which Charities we would like to focus on donating to and physically and mentally handicapped children and adults and anti-animal cruelty charities are our favoured choices

All charity selections throughout the years have been based on personal experiences of our staff and also local good causes we discover as we travel around the world.

If you feel passionate about a certain charity, please do get in contact and we will happily consider all suggestions.

Statement from
the Founder of
The Hinton Group

“We are fortunate as a long standing business to have been able to donate money to selected causes that will always need financial help. I would also like to pass my sincere thanks to those clients of Hinton’s that have also donated to our charities. Your kindness is certainly very well appreciated”.

Andrew Fox, Founder